TYPOART's mission – to educate children and inspire people of all generations for the only one purpose – to make the world a safer place. Develop your sense of humour learning a little something about Grand Duchy of Lithuania – important kingdom in ancient history, but sadly forgotten and disappeared from public knowledge. Rulers of Lithuania and members of their families were real people – dads, mothers, brothers, wifes, sons, daughters, grandchildren, grandpa, great-grandpa, great-grandchildren. We try to reveal stories and create characters of the most famous rulers of Lithuania of XIII-XIV centuryThe collection is always in progress, from time to time is enriched with new characters. Changes are possible, as characters and products are being continuously improved. Stay tuned.

Buying items on TYPOART store you can be sure that you'll receive a limited edition piece crafted with passion and touched by the artists' own hands. Thanks for understanding and respecting the copyright of TYPOART. Don't hesitate, if you have some requests, please let us know. And let others know that you take part in the honourable mission – promoting the interest of people in world's history.

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