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Vintage Cars

Hispano-Suiza H6C Tulip Wood Torpedo 1924

December 18, 2014

In the second and third decades of the last century Hispano-Suiza was glowing on the streets of European capitals. Intriguing by the extreme expensiveness, the stork wafting over the radiator cover and the unusual name it evoked charm and jealousy.

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Bugatti Type 50T Coupé profilé 1932

September 01, 2014

In the south of France, Provence, appears a nearly two-kilometre high mountain, the slopes of which for 240 days a year are tanned by the wind, the speed of which is equal to 90 km/hr and even exceeds this limit. When Mistral blows at the top of the mountain, it reaches the speed of 300 km/hr and even more.

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