Cars emerged more than a hundred years ago, our destinies intertwined, sometimes cars even influences our destiny. Some cars serves faithful or unfaithful until finally go to landfill, others change owners, continents, climate zones, structures and die in crazy car-racing or flaming conflicts, third cars flaunt near famous people and highlight their luxury, finally obsolete in museums collections protected from all disasters.

Every car has its fascinating history. TYPOART tries to reveal some of them. VINTAGE CARS collection is always in progress, from time to time is enriched with new pictures and souvenirs. When you buy items on TYPOART store you can be sure that you will receive a limited edition piece crafted with passion and touched by the artists' own hands. T-Shirts and mugs with vintage cars are coming soon. Stay tuned. Don't hesitate, if you have some requests, please let us know.