Our story starts in 1999. TYPOART (typography + art) crew – two creative professional artists – Gediminas Leonavičius & Jūratė Rutkauskaitė – working on big challenges. Our mission is to educate and inspire people of all generations for the only one purpose – to make the world a safer place. We love our job and life, that’s a reason we always work with a passion and nothing less. Everything TYPOART creates is original content – character design & exploration, book illustration & publishing, educational & school supplies, puzzles, dominoes, postcards, posters, art reproductions, T-shirts – we create and produce compelling original professional content for worldwide clients, friends and ourselves, – therefore, some information is multilingual on the TYPOART's website and Blog. TYPOART production comes with high quality and perfection. The collections are always in progress, from time to time are enriched with new itemsStay tuned. 

Buying souvenirs on the TYPOART store you can be sure that you will receive a limited edition piece crafted with passion and touched by the artists' own hands. And let others know that TYPOART honourably takes part in promoting the interest of people in the world history. Thank you for understanding and respecting the copyright of TYPOART
Thank you very much for being with us.

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