TEMPEST / etching

Etching. © Artist Gediminas Leonavičius. 

Technic of original artwork: etching, e.d.a. 50 (limited edition of 50). Dimensions: 45 x 96 cm. Edition is printed by author.

Fine art print (reproduction). Dimensions: 45 x 96 cm. Fine art print is digitally printed on archival quality heavy weight paper with vivid color and exceptional details – an affordable alternative to original art. Signed by author. Fine art print © 2018 TYPOART. www.typoart.world

The TEMPEST – a reduced scheme of human democracy – the ship will reach shore or go down. In this case, success of ship (state) depends on 33 the representatives of human race.

The colours displayed on your screen are the guide only and may not perfectly reflect the true colours on the item. Buying items on TYPOART store you can be sure that you will receive a limited edition piece crafted with passion and touched by the artist' own hands. Thank you very much for understanding and respecting the copyright of artists. Don't hesitate, if you have some requests, please let us know. 


Type: Etching

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